Monday, February 25, 2008

Horror Story #1

Here is our story:

My husband and I moved to Offutt and needed to find a place to live asap. We have a 100lb german shepherd that we could not put in an apartment. We did not have time to look for a house so we figured moving "on base" was our best option for now.

Offutt's on base housing is actually off base and not run by the military. It's a privatized community called America's First Communities or "Rising View."

The houses are old, run down and unfit for habitation. There is lead in the paint, asbestos in the floors, and mold behind the walls.

Link between asbestos and cancer:

Link between lead paint and poisoning:

Mold's harmful effects:

When we went in to sign the lease I asked if they could give us a 6 month lease (as I *knew* we would not be able to stand living there for a full year). Of course, they declined my offer and said I had to sign for an entire year.

Not only does the property need maintenance all the time, but the people are unfriendly and not understanding of individual circumstances.

We tried to get out of our lease by offering an early-termination fee and they declined our offer outright. Not only that, but the housing manager told us that a guy lost his parents in a car accident so he wanted to move back home and break his lease and she wouldn't let him. Basically, they won't let you terminate your lease early for ANY REASON because they need all the money they can get. They can't keep their neighborhood full so they prey on new military families moving into town with promises of a new housing community and no utilities. Don't buy it! They lie to get get you to sign their lease.

They are not here to serve the military; they are only here to make a quick profit.

If you have a horror story like ours, please comment to my posts!

I will continue to rant and rave on this property until I get the word out to anyone looking to move into any of their houses/duplexes.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Offutt or Bellevue Community "America First" or "Rising View" is out to screw you!

Let me start out by saying America First Communities is screwing the military one family at a time. If you are moving to Offutt AFB, DO NOT move "on base." They are not looking out for the military, they are only looking out for themselves and will do ANYTHING to keep you in their unsafe, unsanitary, run down communities.

America First, newly renamed "Rising View" sucks! This Bellevue, NE community is poorly run, poorly maintained and unfit for healthy living.

If you have a horror story like ours, please comment to this blog and share your stories!

More posts to come...